In January 2011 CollisionQuest will begin publishing a Quarterly Newsletter designed to bring next generation news and information to repairers, insurers, vendors, manufacturers, and most importantly consumers.


Each issue will be designed to assist the forward thinking individual and business by providing some insight into what products and practices the five major segments of the collision repair industry will be utilizing to compete in tomorrows market and what consumers will be expecting.


The “CollisionQuest Quarterly” will be used to share our ongoing research but will also be the first interactive industry newsletter, allowing readers to submit ideas for articles, comment on the current issue, and use the extensive link system incorporated into the (electronic) newsletter to allow users to communicate with each other, as well as CollisionQuest.


While most collision industry trade publications limit circulation within the business sectors of our industry (repairers, vendors, manufacturers, and insurers) CollisionQuest Quarterly will aggressively share information with consumers as well.  By providing consumers a greater understanding to the fast changes in our industry they will be better prepared to choose a quality repairer, insurer, and even manufacturer.  Just as important, by listening to the feedback of consumers we will also be prepared to offer the products and types of services consumers will expect from our industry.


The “CollisionQuest Quarterly,” like CollisionQuest itself is designed to provide all stakeholders within the collision repair industry, an opportunity to learn what each segment is doing today to prepare for tomorrow’s collision repair market. By sharing strategies, technologies, market research data, business philosophies, future products, and more with each stakeholder, we can create a synergy like never before, making the collision repair experience efficient (for consumers) and profitable (for repairers, insurers, vendors & suppliers).

Providing valuable information to each of the five major stakeholders in the process through “CollisionQuest Quarterly” will help accomplish this goal.

We look forward to serving all of you with “CollisionQuest Quarterly” come January 2011.  If you wish to be placed upon our mailing list for either mail or electronic version please click on the link below and provide us with your information.  Thank you.

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