Auto Body Repair for Consumer

Auto body repair deals with the many aspects in the repair of an automobile.  In this category we will deal with the repair of a car after an accident, the repairs for cosmetic reasons, restorations, and doing up kit cars.  We will look at the process of doing these repairs from many different aspects.  We will give the consumer an overview of what needs to be done to get the results they expect. From the repair side, we will do an in depth   analysis of the process to help the shop achieve the results they too want.  This analysis will start at marketing to get the customer to the door, follow the vehicle throughout the repair process, to the delivery of the vehicle and even into the follow up with the consumer after the accident. We will also focus on the aspect from the insurance and manufacturer prospective.

One example page is: What does it take to repair a chip on the hood?

This is also our:  automotive refinish page

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  1. gary lund says:

    great page

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