Collision Quest starts consumer awareness video campaign

In an effort to create consumer awareness as to why people choose the repair shops they do, CollisionQuest has started a consumer awareness campaign.   Many people put little thought into where they get their car fixed, even though in many cases this is their 1st to 2nd largest investment. There should be several aspects factored in to which repair shop you choose.

For those of you that prefer to watch on YouTube here is the link:

While CollisionQuest has focused its consulting work on all aspects of the collision industry. This campaign is focused more on the consumer.  CollisionQuest will continue to work with companies in the collision industry both nationally and internationally to bring synergy to the forefront.  This will be accomplished  by our development of an in-depth process and a universal language within the companies we work with.  Using a common goal and message CollisionQuest has had great success, which we are now applying to our consumer awareness campaign.

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