What should a consumer know after an accident, before they pick an auto body shop?

What you need to know!

Your car has just been in an accident.  No one has been hurt, because the car did what  it was built to do in an accident, the energy from the collision was deflected around the occupants.  The engineers that built this into the vehicle did their jobs correctly.  Now, the vehicle needs to be repaired, so that if there is another accident, it will react the same way it did in the first accident.  Now the way it looks after it is fixed is important, (look at: Chip On A Hood- http://wp.me/PQQWn-z ) but looks aren’t always everything.  What should a consumer really know before they pick an auto body shop? What should they look for in picking their repair shop? Who should they listen to, when they decide where to get their car fixed?  

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