Collision Repair: Scratch to Primer

The Collision Repair Industry, is heading to a new level.  With customer expectations to a whole new level.  Have you ever thought of what it takes to make a scratch disappear.  The first major step is getting it ready for paint.  What goes into this and what are the steps?

2 Responses to Collision Repair: Scratch to Primer

  1. Ron Snow says:

    Clean, organized waiting room
    Referrals from other consumers
    Dealing with a shop you are comfortable with

  2. Rob Simpson says:

    This is really innovative. It will start to allow the consumer the opportunity to enter into the complexity of the Collision Repair Industry. It will go a long way to installing “peace of mind” whilst the repair is done. It is imperative that the Collision Facility in the reception/customer area is conducive to “professionalism”. They need to be involved, to a certain degree, in understanding the repair process. With this understanding, comes peace of mind, happy customers & referrals. This format is the starting point to allowing this to happen. Great news.

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